Our Future

Poetry stopped a long time ago,

But let’s give it another shot,

Because my life has changed,

I guess nothing ever stays the same,

But who is ever to blame?

Me and my stupid mistakes,

But they don’t define me,

Only make me a better being,

So let’s see,

Reach out to a future that may never be,

Dreams can turn into reality,

Only then will I ever be free,

It’s unfortunate the scarcity of hope,

I swear to you we will cope,

End up dope,

And not just puffing smoke,

Newsflash: it’s a warzone,

No matter – we are never alone.

Finish it!

Continued from https://authorsbmazing.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/finish-it-8/

She knew to be brave, for cowardice was something she despised.  But what was she doing? Did she think it was bravery? Yes. It was an escape from reality, and people had to be brave in order to execute it. She would execute it. She calmed her nerves down and thought about life. The way she would no longer have to deal with it. And all it took was one drop. She knew she couldn’t take it anymore and everyone had to understand that. This was a way out. This was her way out.

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Forbidden Reality

Stare at each other,

Knowing that it’s so not fair,

How everything’s decided;

Old enough to tell right from wrong.

But what if darkness draws one in?

Isn’t the quote along the lines of:

Love is danger,

Forbidden gives a sense of thrill.

Living on the wild side,

What if that’s what you’re both after?

Forget about the consequence,

Eliminate the disaster.

Because if it’s true,

Reality shouldn’t stop you,

Forbidden shouldn’t compete,

If it’s real you both were meant to be.