First fanmail success – Sam Claflin

Since you all have probably, already realised I am a major fangirl I thought I’d share some of my fangirlish experiences with you. Have I mention yet that recently I discovered the art of fanmail and how to send it?

Well now I’ll tell you a little about it.

The process is fairly simple as long as you have a valid mail address for the certain celebrity you are a fan of. As long as the celebrity isn’t massively big, it should be easy to find their fanmail address. The most comment site used is and after thorough research I decided to send fanmail to Sam Claflin as he is known for possibly, actually signing them although, you can never be 100% sure.

However, I must warn you that having a celebrity signing your fanmail isn’t always guaranteed – a lot of fans receive pre-printed autographs, autopens, secretarials etc.

I took a chance and mailed him two pictures which I printed myself, at home. I mailed this with the address I found and sent a self-addressed stamped envelope inside so that he would have no trouble sending the signed pictures back to me.

Surprisingly, I received the fanmail back signed extremely quickly.

Sent on: 13th July

Received on: 5th August

I was immensely ecstatic and could not be happier! Especially since Sam Claflin was the first person I have ever sent fanmail to and it came back successful.

Sam Claflin

Comic Con Yesterday

Yesterday, on October 25 I attended London MCM Comic Con and have previously been there last year. This is a way for fans to interact with other fans and guests, dress up (cosplaying) and much much more! Last year I went and met some of the Teen Wolf cast and again this year I met other members of the cast as well as the new Morganville series cast and author. I travelled with three other friends and we had an amazing time!

At first, I met Stef Dawson who plays Annie in Catching Fire & Mockingjay (sequels to The Hunger Games) and I was so happy to get an autograph from her plus lots of pictures for free! She was so sweet and told me it was her first comic con signing. Later, on towards the end I went up and talked to her again since she was generally hanging around and we took multiple silly selfies (which I don’t usually do since I’m not photogenic at all).

The second person I met was Dylan Sprayberry, Liam from Teen Wolf and he also played the young Clark in Man of Steel. He was simply perfect and a tear actually streamed down my face. Dylan gave me a hug, and I should note that I got a free picture and an autograph from everyone I met! I also met Arden Cho (Kira on Teen Wolf) who was stunning and adorable! By good fortune, I was able to have a nice long conversation with Jeff Davis (producer/writer of Teen Wolf and Criminal Minds) even though there was a long line of fans happily waiting to meet him.

The new web series Morganville had its cast attending Comic Con consisting of Jordan Farris (by the way he is playing my favourite character Shane!), Amber Benson, Lindsay Seidel, Ben Easter, Robert Picardo and writer of the Morganville Vampires book Rachel Caine whom I all met. Honestly, it was my first book I have signed by the author and I was very excited considering I read many books. It still feels surreal. Plus Ben Easter called me beautiful OMG.

Make sure to check out the new web series Morganville starting on October 27.

(I’ll try to add in photos later since my friend has got them all.)