Our Future

Poetry stopped a long time ago,

But let’s give it another shot,

Because my life has changed,

I guess nothing ever stays the same,

But who is ever to blame?

Me and my stupid mistakes,

But they don’t define me,

Only make me a better being,

So let’s see,

Reach out to a future that may never be,

Dreams can turn into reality,

Only then will I ever be free,

It’s unfortunate the scarcity of hope,

I swear to you we will cope,

End up dope,

And not just puffing smoke,

Newsflash: it’s a warzone,

No matter – we are never alone.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

You may be finding it difficult right now,

It’s hard but to me you will vow,

Not to let your life go,

Tell me you won’t ever say no,

The light is further ahead,

You will never wish to be dead,

Maybe help will come your way,

Show me another bright day,

Follow the path of your desires,

Even alone you can cause ceasefires,

Prove it to me by entering the tunnel of hope,

And believe dreams are tied together by one rope.