Our Future

Poetry stopped a long time ago,

But let’s give it another shot,

Because my life has changed,

I guess nothing ever stays the same,

But who is ever to blame?

Me and my stupid mistakes,

But they don’t define me,

Only make me a better being,

So let’s see,

Reach out to a future that may never be,

Dreams can turn into reality,

Only then will I ever be free,

It’s unfortunate the scarcity of hope,

I swear to you we will cope,

End up dope,

And not just puffing smoke,

Newsflash: it’s a warzone,

No matter – we are never alone.


Come and go

People come and go,

Never there at your low,

Calling someone’s name,

Just to pin-point all the blame,

Thinking something’s wrong with you,

But remember others change too,

Not everyone’s there to stay,

Met January, gone May,

They take-off, you close-off,

No words to say just awkwardly cough,

Alone and empty,

Wrongful things seem tempting,

Try to understand, don’t sink in quicksand,

Sometimes arguments spiral out of the blue,

Sometimes there’s nothing you can really do.

You cannot do this alone.

“You cannot do this alone, you are but one side of the coin.” – Dragon from Merlin.

House –

Is where your heart lies,

Covered and disguised,

But – you cannot do this alone.

Outside –

Is where your future lies,

Dark and gloomy

But – you cannot do this alone.

Another –

Is where lust dies,

Bruised and abused,

But – you cannot do this alone.

Home –

Is where your heart should lie,

Open and whole,

Because you cannot do this alone.

Soulmate –

Is where your future should lie,

Happiness and sunshine,

Because you cannot do this alone.

Together –

Is how you both shall die,

Hand in hand,

Heart beside; two-sides of the coin,

Because no-one in life should ever be alone.