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She knew to be brave, for cowardice was something she despised.  But what was she doing? Did she think it was bravery? Yes. It was an escape from reality, and people had to be brave in order to execute it. She would execute it. She calmed her nerves down and thought about life. The way she would no longer have to deal with it. And all it took was one drop. She knew she couldn’t take it anymore and everyone had to understand that. This was a way out. This was her way out.

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Embraced Nature (A Wolf Story)

I know this is late, I started it a while ago but I’ve just been so busy. Blame school. But here’s my post for today. It’s a short story!

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

Paws felt the unearthly dirt. One step and then another. Inching closer I inhaled and exhaled. My eyes turned to slits as I consumed the air around me. I caught the scent of terrestrial creations and welcomed my nature with open arms. The sight of trees overgrown with moss and vines towering over me was taunting but my intentions were too strongly unhinged. My nostrils flared at the smell of blood, vital to human existence. And I waited to pounce. Like a tiger on its prey.

I met the eyes of every wandering pack member accepting the challenge I faced. Relishing my inhuman qualities to obtain the strength I desired. The whiteness of the full moon crept over our shadows allowing every member to reveal the madness locked inside.

I growled as my canines threatened to proclaim themselves. Claws at the ready, rage pulsated through my veins like blood. Briefly closing my eyes I devoured my fate and lunged for the kill.

Bodies lay shredded amongst the bustle of autumn leaves. The drive for desire and lust for power overtook me. More obliterated every minute before me and soon they all were dead but one.

On instinct I darted with the intent on killing but something – or more closely someone – had me immobilized. I stood emotionally unstable like a boat rocking on shore. Her eyes bore into my own, pleading. I recalled it all and looked to see my mate intently staring. But the thirst for vengeance and power competes.

Our gazes lock a second more.

Our connection falters; another second withdrawn.

It’s a split-second decision:

Would I surpass nature? Would I go in for the kill?