Sexism at its strongest

Sexism at its strongest, as a stereotype it’s been here longest.

It’s sad to think I have to hide my true intention,

I hate getting excuses to everything I mention,

Every time I take a brave step to explore things,

It’s like you clip off my wings,

I am no longer free, will I ever be?

Do you say ‘no’ because I’m a female?

I believe ‘stereotype’ is a counterfeit tale

You think I can’t protect my own self?

Doesn’t mean I need a man to show me my own worth,

I get that what you see you might not like,

I guess what you see doesn’t conform to the stereotype,

So much for living my own life,

When you shut down every dream I ever have.

Why do you think I put up a front so mean?

And my aspirations are nowhere to be seen,

And my hopes are constantly crushed,

Why do you think my sadness and tears are always hushed?

An offensive reminder of the stereotype against me,

That is what makes others unable to see,

Potential accuracy to the highest degree,

I’m not one to give up so quickly and agree,

I wish to influence good like Oprah Winfrey.

Sexism is the barrier for women,

But times have changed now, not then.


(I’m sorry to be blunt but I had to.)

Us girls are told to walker faster at night,

Don’t stray, don’t hang about,

Midnight is forbidden,

Or else it will be a nasty site.

What they don’t understand or know-

Is that it’s not any of our faults,

Instead they should probably teach guys,

Not rape. Even that can have an impact.

Do you think that I don’t know?

I’m not a naïve, little girl anymore,

I understand a lot more than you think,

We all do.

Rape. It’s a four letter word,

Small – but can have an vast effect,

Ranging from destroying someone’s life,

Even their inside.

Equality, sometimes feels like a test,

Cause sexism is never put to rest,

But do you not realise; it can happen – both ways,

I’m not trying to put blame on either you or I.

But it’s fucking fact.

It shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What is this world coming to?

Unwilling. Illegal. Rape.

(I was slightly hesitant to write this but I want you all to know I don’t mean to offend anyone or anything. I just wanted to put my point across.)