Our Future

Poetry stopped a long time ago,

But let’s give it another shot,

Because my life has changed,

I guess nothing ever stays the same,

But who is ever to blame?

Me and my stupid mistakes,

But they don’t define me,

Only make me a better being,

So let’s see,

Reach out to a future that may never be,

Dreams can turn into reality,

Only then will I ever be free,

It’s unfortunate the scarcity of hope,

I swear to you we will cope,

End up dope,

And not just puffing smoke,

Newsflash: it’s a warzone,

No matter – we are never alone.

Sexism at its strongest

Sexism at its strongest, as a stereotype it’s been here longest.

It’s sad to think I have to hide my true intention,

I hate getting excuses to everything I mention,

Every time I take a brave step to explore things,

It’s like you clip off my wings,

I am no longer free, will I ever be?

Do you say ‘no’ because I’m a female?

I believe ‘stereotype’ is a counterfeit tale

You think I can’t protect my own self?

Doesn’t mean I need a man to show me my own worth,

I get that what you see you might not like,

I guess what you see doesn’t conform to the stereotype,

So much for living my own life,

When you shut down every dream I ever have.

Why do you think I put up a front so mean?

And my aspirations are nowhere to be seen,

And my hopes are constantly crushed,

Why do you think my sadness and tears are always hushed?

An offensive reminder of the stereotype against me,

That is what makes others unable to see,

Potential accuracy to the highest degree,

I’m not one to give up so quickly and agree,

I wish to influence good like Oprah Winfrey.

Sexism is the barrier for women,

But times have changed now, not then.

Your mistakes

I haven’t written in quite a while but here it is:

Your mistakes

It’s been a while since you’ve criticized me,

The pain in me, I started to believe you could see,

I thought you were changing your ways,

But I guess I was so wrong cause after a while you began to slip-up,

Couldn’t hold on to the act any longer,

You were never stronger,

Your flaws were something you could never conquer,

So you found someone else to pinpoint the blame,

To crush, because you had an upper game,

Instead uncovering all my faults was your main aim,

But all that stuff I still overcame,

You began shouting and swearing again,

I wished I never felt all that pain,

Cause of you,

You were supposed to be my protector,

Instead I feared you like a spectre,

Tried to escape you, and out smarten you,

Like some sort of lies detector,

Even with my tear stained face,

If I had a kid and that was the case,

I wouldn’t want them to have the same fate,

As me, I was too late to be saved,

But if there’s a thing I learnt from you,

It was to stray away from all your stupid mistakes.

Not for you

There’s something from you I discerned,

I guess this is the outcome of what I learned…


From when you left, my heart a complete mess, disappeared like a guest,

Oh you were just like the rest, an obstacle in my quest,

Now I find that it’s you who I detest, and that’s a very funny jest,

Cause I just wanted a blank page, instead I’m now crumpled with boiling rage,

You were supposed to be a good mate, not catch me out after you were the bait,

Exactly what I thought, this is my fate, and another marked calendar date.


But I’m not gonna crash and burn, (not for you)

I’m not gonna cry and yearn, (not for you)

Even if you say sorry and return,

My trust is something, you can no longer earn.


To you I was just some experiment, something to play with and torture until I finally bent,

That pain has left a dent, in me, it hurts that I wasn’t even worth a bloody cent,

Don’t worry I will continue to pay the rent, even if it leaves me in debt,

But whenever I look back whoa, I just can’t believe I stood and watched you go,

I didn’t even have the strength to say wait or no, I guess I did always plough,

Since I didn’t even wait till the end of the damn show, just watched it blow.


But I’m not gonna crash and burn, (not for you)

I’m not gonna cry and yearn, (not for you)

Even if you say sorry and return,

My trust is something, you can no longer earn.

Come and go

People come and go,

Never there at your low,

Calling someone’s name,

Just to pin-point all the blame,

Thinking something’s wrong with you,

But remember others change too,

Not everyone’s there to stay,

Met January, gone May,

They take-off, you close-off,

No words to say just awkwardly cough,

Alone and empty,

Wrongful things seem tempting,

Try to understand, don’t sink in quicksand,

Sometimes arguments spiral out of the blue,

Sometimes there’s nothing you can really do.


Everything is made to be,

Brain-washed to be perfect,

Each one of us believes,

Satisfaction of others; worth it,

It’s a crazy society we live in,

The things it has spiralled into,

Make-up free face,

No, it won’t make do.

(Perfect, Perfect, Perfect)

Reality screams too fat, too thin,

No matter what there’s no win,

Trying to please everyone,

A mind you can’t outrun,

Understand we all have flaws,

But that doesn’t mean we’re all outlaws.

(Perfect, Perfect, Perfect)

Too many to count,

So many nonsense insecurities,

Standing in front of a mirror,

Looking at other possibilities,

Society made us out like robots,

To fix a unique wrong,

Natural has perished,

Only to feel you belong.

(Perfect, Perfect, Perfect)

Reality screams too fat, too thin,

No matter what there’s no win,

Trying to please everyone,

A mind you can’t outrun,

Understand we all have flaws,

But that doesn’t mean we’re all outlaws.

(Perfect, Perfect, Perfect)


Directed to every kid who knew what it felt like,

Rage triggered another kick, another strike,

You’re messing with wrong little me,

‘Cause you don’t know what the hell I’d grow up to be,

Now listen, to rappers like Eminem, he tried,

He survived; now I wanna be right by his side,

I’d love to forgive and forget but they haven’t yet apologized,

Everyone has their share of mistakes,

Not one, not two, more you’ll probably make,

Just pray it’s not enough to break, to give you the shakes,

Rage still builds up, you’re parents are fighting –

But you’re there, just stuck,

It’s everyone’s dream; on top of the world,

But with a rage that‘s so out of control,

Play the part, a different role,

Trying to keep the rage intact,

But just like that it’s a fragile act,

‘Cause you don’t know me I’m a bloody mess,

But compared to you I’ve never been less,

So this is the last two lines of my so called ‘rhyme’;

Now I’ve broken the chain. It’s cracked.

Forbidden Reality

Stare at each other,

Knowing that it’s so not fair,

How everything’s decided;

Old enough to tell right from wrong.

But what if darkness draws one in?

Isn’t the quote along the lines of:

Love is danger,

Forbidden gives a sense of thrill.

Living on the wild side,

What if that’s what you’re both after?

Forget about the consequence,

Eliminate the disaster.

Because if it’s true,

Reality shouldn’t stop you,

Forbidden shouldn’t compete,

If it’s real you both were meant to be.


(I’m sorry to be blunt but I had to.)

Us girls are told to walker faster at night,

Don’t stray, don’t hang about,

Midnight is forbidden,

Or else it will be a nasty site.

What they don’t understand or know-

Is that it’s not any of our faults,

Instead they should probably teach guys,

Not rape. Even that can have an impact.

Do you think that I don’t know?

I’m not a naïve, little girl anymore,

I understand a lot more than you think,

We all do.

Rape. It’s a four letter word,

Small – but can have an vast effect,

Ranging from destroying someone’s life,

Even their inside.

Equality, sometimes feels like a test,

Cause sexism is never put to rest,

But do you not realise; it can happen – both ways,

I’m not trying to put blame on either you or I.

But it’s fucking fact.

It shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What is this world coming to?

Unwilling. Illegal. Rape.

(I was slightly hesitant to write this but I want you all to know I don’t mean to offend anyone or anything. I just wanted to put my point across.)

Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff

I woke up this morning,

Thinking about this certain fictional character,

Her abilities – like a tactical warning,

A sort of rectitude predator.

I couldn’t help but always admire,

Thought the sexist stereotype was one she dismissed,

To be like her was my desire,

With S.H.I.E.L.D she coexists.

I knew of her code name: Black Widow,

In a ton of comics she appeared,

Guess you could say she was a known hero,

Sometimes even feared.

I, however thought she was strong,

Fighting, surviving, saving; her main aim,

In Marvel she does still belong,

Natasha Romanoff – I somewhat still want to be the same.