My throat feels constricted as I stand yet once again on the stage,

It bubbles inside me; the hidden anger, the fury, the rage-

The microphone sits between my sweaty hands,

And I remember; the dreams, the hopes, the plans.

There’s an aspiration within willing to stop hiding it away,

For those deep written verses to be on display,

The life previously hidden, shown without a doubt,

I wish; to scream, to shout, to let it all out.


(This is kind of personal, you might not understand it but here it is…)


But I stood in front of you guys today,

And I stood there staring cause I had nothing to say,

Realising I lost respect for you along the way,

I thought I’d tell you how much I love you,

And you’d reply with I love you too.

But I lost that respect along the way,

And you have no idea how hard this is to say,

You were my one and only band,

My four little helping hands-

That respect; lost along the way,

And it’s not just about the fans,

It’s about your self-respect too.

Do you know?

Those fans that listen to your music at night,

Tears streaming from their pretty little eyes,

‘I’m okay’ so nobody knew it was all lies,

Cause life is just so damn hard for them,

And it’s you they depend upon.

They see you on TV,

It makes them smile,

Knowing at least their idol – yeah you,

Has a good life.

When I heard Ashton cut,

I cried knowing how hard it is to stop,

And he said no more because of his fans,

Was that really the truth or an uncaught lie?

When votes for which member fans liked best,

And Michael had the least percentage on the test,

I was upset because I thought about him,

How hard that must be, to really see.

But then came out that picture with Michael with those 2 girls,

And you guys tried to cover it up,

But something inside some fans broke off,

Knowing this is the band they look up to…

The band they defend like no other,

The band they depend upon.

Yeah that was me,

I guess you could say it still is.

When Calum took the three back home,

Ignored the fans,

It hurt,

And another piece of their heart broke away,

Knowing this is the band they look up to.

Crumble, disintegrate, and surrender,

They counted on Luke to keep them sane,

Did you even know the girls name?

Another picture,

They didn’t know who to blame.

Tears dry up,

Look back at their Twitter page,

See their idols another time,

Justifying it by saying “you’re teenage boys.”

Turn to sleep,

Hoping for at least a week,

No repeats.

Just another song,

Happy it got released.