Digital Revolution (out with friends)

Wow quick update lol! So yesterday I went out with my friends to the Barbican centre in the city of London where they were holding an exhibition called Digital Revolution.

So we went to the exhibition and it was really awesome! There were tons of video games which we played and we saw how different effects were used in creating many films. We saw sketches of video games and how they started off and movies like ‘how to train your dragon’. There was a wishing wall there in which you speak into a microphone making a wish and a butterfly appears on the wall spelling out your wish, then your wish spins around and turns into a butterfly and flies away joining the other butterflies on the wall. It was really cool!

There was a display in which you participate (I did): when you flap your arms and face the screen your shadow is of a massive bird flying. As you flap your arms faster the bird begins to lift up and fly away. This was one of my most favourite bits from the whole experience. It was so wonderful to participate in and looked really awesome.

Here’s a picture:

Digital Revoltion 1

After the exhibition where we spent 2 hours, my friends and I all decided to take a trip to the museum of London where we saw some artefacts. But then we weren’t really paying attention so we headed out to Costa. So that’s a short recount of my visit…hope you didn’t find it too boring lol.

You guys should all check it out! Byye 🙂