Enigma Quests School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Review

Essentially, the Enigma Quests School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is an Escape Room, based around the theme of Harry Potter

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a popular entertainment activity, where small teams of people, 3-5 roughly, are up against the time, in order to complete a mission to escape a room they are trapped in. Puzzles, challenges and clues are to be solved co-operatively to complete the mission successfully.

My Experience

I absolutely love Harry Potter (if you didn’t already know) and was absolutely thrilled to participate in this challenge with my 5 friends.

The location of Enigma Quests was highly accessible, being very close to Liverpool Street Station in Central London. As soon as we entered the site, I could feel my nerves and anticipation creep up.

The team at Enigma Quests were very welcoming and since I’m an early bird, we arrived early and chilled in the lounge – where we played multiple board games and helped ourselves to the refreshments available.

Once we entered the escape room (after our prep) we all desperately ran around attempting to find clues. At first we were all so confused but managed to figure our way around. The escape room was very challenging and required exceptional team effort. The challenge itself was absolutely thrilling and we all had an AMAZING time, especially as our first escape room experience.

I am also very proud to say our team managed to escape the room within the 60 minutes we had. We achieved an outstanding result, with 2 minutes remaining.

This escape room was well worth the £20 I paid for it. And thanks to Enigma Quests, I would happily participate in another escape room.

Hm, for my birthday in April, I’m possibly thinking about going to the ‘Snatch: A Million Pound Heist’ escape room by Enigma Quest, which is opening soon.

Suggestion for improvement

My time with Enigma Quests was brilliant and the only suggestion I can think of is an item of remembrance e.g. a certificate of achievement, to be given which would commemorate the achievement of teams. Or possibly a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter?

Enigma Quests Website: https://enigmaquests.london/about


If I died right now.

I know most people have probably thought about it before and at this time in my life I’ve been thinking about it the most. Teenage years are so fucking hard and not many realise because they say ‘you don’t know anything yet’ or ‘you’re still young’. But if I can’t deal with all the bullshit in my life right now, how do you expect me to survive the rest of my life?

So now I wonder; what would happen if I dropped dead, right at this moment? Who would be the first to know? Who would be the first to care? Who would care?

I always wonder whether they’d bother to read all the stuff I write. All the stuff hidden and stored in a battered dell laptop and a newly bought Samsung phone. All the stuff hidden between dressers. Crumpled bits of paper and the like. Would they search my belongings for clues or would they discard what’s mine like they discarded me. Would they feel sorry? Or would they utter good riddance under their breath as they place flowers near my name? Where would they pinpoint all the blame?

Will anyone let my ‘friends’ know? If so how? Would they call or would a simple text suffice?

Would they be proud of what I’ve achieved or would they shudder and wish they’re daughters won’t turn out the same?

Will they open the many files and hundreds of memories stored? Will anyone go through each and everyone one of my pictures and documents and what of my twitter account? My Fangirl life. Will they cherish the fact that I lead another crazy life and turned to my idols in times of despair? Or would they widen their eyes in disbelief and stare?

I wonder, for there is much to wonder about. There is much among the abyss of life.

But most of all I wonder whether my legacy will remain? Or whether I’d just be another dead mundane…?

Reeves Painting By Numbers Experience

reeves 3 1

Last year I bought one of these painting by numbers sets just for fun thinking it would be easy and quick to do. Oh, how I was very wrong. I started it this time last year and it became very tedious. Therefore, I must have crammed it in the back of a draw to complete next time.

Recently, I found it after clearing out my desk draws and thought about finishing it. Although the picture looks wonderful, I was having trouble mixing in many of the colours provided in little tubs. Initially, I painted on the colours that didn’t require mixing then I coloured in the more difficult areas. The turnout wasn’t so great.

reeves 2 2

Slowly, I could see that I needed to mix colours more and it was taking up so much time. Also, why couldn’t they give more than one brush? Washing the one brush after each use proved very tedious.

However, my determination to finish triumphed.

reeves 4 final

Once completed, and my fingers were raw red from opening up so many tubes multiple time, I realised that just colouring in the required areas wasn’t working out the best. I had to fix things up a bit by mixing more and outlining trees etc. But I became too lazy to do that and can honestly say I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another one of these for a very, very long time. Perhaps never.

Let me face it: I’m so not good at painting by numbers. Maybe I’ll just stick to painting my own things.

My Wattpad Story.

I realised currently that I haven’t told many on here that I started writing and posting my own story on Wattpad. Wattpad is a platform where people all across the world are able to read and share their own stories for everyone else to see.

On Wattpad I have read many great stories written by so many talented people and I’ve always thought about writing my own story. But school was always a problem for me because with all the revision and homework I didn’t have much time for myself or my interests. Then one day I got thinking and thought why not write a story because my teenage years won’t be here forever so, as well as doing well in school I might as well live my young life too. This led me to writing a teen fiction in my little bits of spare time that I have. On the 1st of January I posted the first chapter of my story and have been writing and posting ever since then.

Generally, I don’t think I’m very good at writing but to hell with that – I don’t really have to be exceptionally good at it. I guess I should just enjoy it.

And this is why I’d like to share my Wattpad story with everyone on here today. My story is just a little, short, teen fiction that I write in my spare time and I enjoy hearing responses and thoughts from readers. Therefore, I would be delighted to have you read my story and let me know what your thoughts are on it.

My story is titled “Dream Bad” and here’s the link: http://www.wattpad.com/story/29690706-dream-bad

Please check it out and let me know what you think. x

Just a little beginning…

Hey guys! I’m not great at writing but I’ll tell you a bit about myself. Or well, try to. First of all, I absolutely love American TV shows; The Vampire Diaries (although lately it has started to go downhill), Teen Wolf (STILES!), Once Upon A Time, Agents of Shield … you name it. Daniel Sharman, Holland Roden, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed…those are a few of the many celebrities I’ve met at Comic Con. Yep, I’ve met them (OMG, scream, cry, heart attack) and sometime in the future I hope to run off to America to meet my favourite; Dylan O’Brien.

** Warning you are approaching a fangirl please proceed with caution.**

Oh my gosh!

Anyway, let’s continue…for some reason I don’t enjoy English much but from time to time I kind of like writing I guess you could say. I met the writer of Teen Wolf (Christian Taylor) and he is amazing! I was ecstatic to talk to him about the show and he gave me a free autograph! FREE!! (and they usually cost £15). OMG.

I don’t hate on any celebrities so I listen to / watch anyone and everyone. It’s like saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”  you don’t know the celebrity personally so don’t judge by all the media and attention… you can’t hate someone without knowing them. Just Saying.

Okay so … I love a little challenge and enjoy sports which have a bit of competition. It doesn’t mean I have to win; I just like to have a little fun. Oh, in case you’re wondering I support Manchester United, how could I not? Plus, I have 3 Cristiano Ronaldo cards including a champion and a top master, beat that!

“A book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self.” Yep, you guessed it. Reading is my passion. Has anyone got the hidden book(s) I love within that quote, it isn’t fairly obvious but … Chambers? Castle?


10 years. 9 Weasleys. 8 movies. 7 books. 6 years at Hogwarts. 5 escapes. 4 houses. 3 heroes. 2 enemies. Only one can survive.

Harry Potter!

I am a Potterhead. I’ve visited the studio and the sets were amazing I loved it all. Someday I might like to go into set stage designing for movies or even directing! I’ve got a Gryffindor hoddie and Harry’s wand, yay.

“Don’t judge a book by its movie.”

That quote is very, very, very true. I am a movie addict; name something? I’ve either watched it (once or many 1000’s of times) or it’s on my movie list, just waiting for me.

So let me cut this short…I like lots of things and sometimes get bored of things easily (not books though cause there’s a different story to every book) I used to make YouTube videos and post fan videos about The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf etc. I love baking (and just baked yesterday!) and painting, and drawing, and I want to go zip lining, and I love sleeping and eating. But I’d stay up any time to read just one more chapter 😉

Byyeee! (So I’ll be writing on this blog about anything and everything, feel free to talk to me any time)