Enigma Quests School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Review

Essentially, the Enigma Quests School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is an Escape Room, based around the theme of Harry Potter

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a popular entertainment activity, where small teams of people, 3-5 roughly, are up against the time, in order to complete a mission to escape a room they are trapped in. Puzzles, challenges and clues are to be solved co-operatively to complete the mission successfully.

My Experience

I absolutely love Harry Potter (if you didn’t already know) and was absolutely thrilled to participate in this challenge with my 5 friends.

The location of Enigma Quests was highly accessible, being very close to Liverpool Street Station in Central London. As soon as we entered the site, I could feel my nerves and anticipation creep up.

The team at Enigma Quests were very welcoming and since I’m an early bird, we arrived early and chilled in the lounge – where we played multiple board games and helped ourselves to the refreshments available.

Once we entered the escape room (after our prep) we all desperately ran around attempting to find clues. At first we were all so confused but managed to figure our way around. The escape room was very challenging and required exceptional team effort. The challenge itself was absolutely thrilling and we all had an AMAZING time, especially as our first escape room experience.

I am also very proud to say our team managed to escape the room within the 60 minutes we had. We achieved an outstanding result, with 2 minutes remaining.

This escape room was well worth the £20 I paid for it. And thanks to Enigma Quests, I would happily participate in another escape room.

Hm, for my birthday in April, I’m possibly thinking about going to the ‘Snatch: A Million Pound Heist’ escape room by Enigma Quest, which is opening soon.

Suggestion for improvement

My time with Enigma Quests was brilliant and the only suggestion I can think of is an item of remembrance e.g. a certificate of achievement, to be given which would commemorate the achievement of teams. Or possibly a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter?

Enigma Quests Website: https://enigmaquests.london/about


Our Future

Poetry stopped a long time ago,

But let’s give it another shot,

Because my life has changed,

I guess nothing ever stays the same,

But who is ever to blame?

Me and my stupid mistakes,

But they don’t define me,

Only make me a better being,

So let’s see,

Reach out to a future that may never be,

Dreams can turn into reality,

Only then will I ever be free,

It’s unfortunate the scarcity of hope,

I swear to you we will cope,

End up dope,

And not just puffing smoke,

Newsflash: it’s a warzone,

No matter – we are never alone.

If I died right now.

I know most people have probably thought about it before and at this time in my life I’ve been thinking about it the most. Teenage years are so fucking hard and not many realise because they say ‘you don’t know anything yet’ or ‘you’re still young’. But if I can’t deal with all the bullshit in my life right now, how do you expect me to survive the rest of my life?

So now I wonder; what would happen if I dropped dead, right at this moment? Who would be the first to know? Who would be the first to care? Who would care?

I always wonder whether they’d bother to read all the stuff I write. All the stuff hidden and stored in a battered dell laptop and a newly bought Samsung phone. All the stuff hidden between dressers. Crumpled bits of paper and the like. Would they search my belongings for clues or would they discard what’s mine like they discarded me. Would they feel sorry? Or would they utter good riddance under their breath as they place flowers near my name? Where would they pinpoint all the blame?

Will anyone let my ‘friends’ know? If so how? Would they call or would a simple text suffice?

Would they be proud of what I’ve achieved or would they shudder and wish they’re daughters won’t turn out the same?

Will they open the many files and hundreds of memories stored? Will anyone go through each and everyone one of my pictures and documents and what of my twitter account? My Fangirl life. Will they cherish the fact that I lead another crazy life and turned to my idols in times of despair? Or would they widen their eyes in disbelief and stare?

I wonder, for there is much to wonder about. There is much among the abyss of life.

But most of all I wonder whether my legacy will remain? Or whether I’d just be another dead mundane…?

Bite the Ballot

Recently, I was invited to a speech delivered by Matthew Barzun, the ambassador of the US embassy in London. To say I was excited was an understatement. Politics and foreign policies were some things which I never really showed much of an interest in during school time. However, outside of school my interests ranged from the weirdest things (not that politics is weird). But I never fully understood politics. Although, that was probably due to the lack of knowledge I had of it and the lack of time to actually sit down and research about it. Of course I knew who the prime minister is but the values and beliefs he had? Not so much.

The speech itself and the issues we talked about during the time we had, intrigued me. And from then, a couple of weeks later, the group of us who were present at the speech were invited to the US embassy in London itself, amongst other guests who were older than us. We were invited to a session for the ‘Bite the Ballot’ scheme enabling and encouraging young voters.

I’ll skip to the main point here: some of the ideas and issues announced at this Q&A session had me thinking and agreeing. The CEO and social activist, Michael Sani mentioned the lack of education in politics in schools, saying that he believed that if young people were educated in this sector, they would perhaps be more involved in the politics of our country.

I completely agree with his view on this matter. If young people, like myself, were educated and informed about political systems, we would understand enough to have a voice in it. Because it is our future and our generation that will be effected by the political decisions made. I would love to have a say or even thought, on who I would like as the next election winner. But I’m too young to vote. But those that can should, because it’s the future of your country, you should have a say in it.

I understand that politics is important but I don’t know much about it. I personally don’t know enough to have a say in it. Without prior knowledge: I stand nowhere, I have no voice in this matter. That, I believe should be changed.

Sweet 16

Films display the age of 16 as something great – ‘sweet 16’ as they like to call it. But what’s so sweet about it? Surely, it can’t be the stress from your final exams taking a toll or the drowsiness from sleepless nights.

I’ll admit when I was younger (16 is young but younger than that) I loved the idea of a ‘sweet 16’, imagining it to be something spectacular. But no. It was just a normal day in school. Apart from the constant ‘Happy Birthday’ attacking me. There wasn’t a crazy party where half the school was invited and there wasn’t a road trip either. Well, I can’t even drive until I’m 18 so that’s out of the question.

A long while ago I expected more but yesterday I just didn’t really care. Honestly, who would? Of course I would have loved to go out and have an awesome time, but where? And who with?

Instead, I’m stuck at home wondering what on earth I should do instead of studying for exams. Although, this day meant literally nothing (except now I have to remember I’m ‘16’ not ‘15’ whenever someone asks), I really didn’t want to be studying. Because how sad would that be? But, I have nothing to do. Nothing at all. And I have absolutely no idea what to do about that either.

So much for ‘sweet’ 16.

P.S this isn’t an April Fool’s joke… Happy Birthday to me!

What do you see?

black and white city night wall inkblue_sky

What do you see?

A picture.

Black and white.

A city.


Beneath the water lies treasure unknown to mankind. One sees the rippling effect, heart soaring in admiration of nature’s beauty. A kingdom of mermaids and men; a fantasy conjured by humanity. The sea blue-green ocean stained black on the surface hiding secrets within. Pools of human sustenance yet deeply unregarded.

The sky no longer clear but a greying white. Patches of darkness are seeping through gaping wounds of the withered mortal. Struggling to grasp onto that little bit of sunshine – whether a face or a distant memory afloat. Thunder some fear or lightening as an awakening to reality one does not wish to see. Night is the time, conscious, gazing at the star burning bright white. A flicked of hope, a remainder of star-crossed lovers that came to sight.

City lights. They scream to shine bright in this dull night. A creation of beings together united; should be like this every time then. Lonely suffering, many stare dazed at it.

The world; a black and white place yet adhere to a beautiful melancholy.

Present Hunting

Finding a present for someone isn’t always the easiest thing – actually, it’s somewhat difficult. Either it’s for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, new year … it’s a never ending list as there happens to be tons of celebrations every year in different religions and cultures. The hundreds of options for gift ideas are endless; if you’ve thought of a couple possibilities it’s a headache narrowing it down to one or two. I don’t know if it’s just me but sometimes I can’t even bring one idea to mind.

Even if it’s my best friend or my mum occasionally I find it extremely arduous to find the perfect present. From time to time no idea comes to mind which some may perceive as strange depending on whom the present is for. Usually, I like to contemplate their interests and desires in order to help me out. But sometimes it just doesn’t work.

How do you decide on a present for someone?

Other times, or some would say all the time, money is an issue. It’s an economic factor that makes the world go round. Well not literally but in some sense maybe. This is perhaps a more significant issue for kids due to their lack of earnings however some adults may see this as an issue too. But how to overcome the money issue is the problem! Why not get creative? Let your mind flow freely and express your gratitude to the receiver.

Then another thought comes to mind; what if they don’t like the present?

Present hunting is exceptionally laborious. True or False?

Waste time wisely.

The worst thing: it isn’t endless.

Time will never disappear but the time YOU have will slowly dissipate.

Bored out of my mind, for some reason I find myself awake most nights even after 2 or 3am. I’m always wondering why? But then I comprehend that it’s me. My brain is wired weirdly making me feel as though sleeping would ‘waste time’ or I could do a ton of things in the hours I sleep. I guess I should re-think, yes time should be spent wisely but whoever said that sleeping or relaxing isn’t spending time wisely? Getting enough sleep doesn’t mean you’ve wasted hours of the day impractically. It’s just giving your brain a break from the long, stressful hours you’ve put into the day.

Is it just me or do you feel like there aren’t enough hours of the day? My reasoning: I come home from school, its 4pm. I eat something and sit down with my family for a bit, its 5pm. I start doing homework, its 7pm and now I’m rushing to get it done, so it’s almost 8pm. I eat dinner, tidy up and its 8:30pm. I pull open my laptop, watch a 45 minute TV show episode and it’s roughly 9:30pm. I realise my exams are this year so I start studying, I look up and it’s 12pm. F*** when am I going to sleep? If I sleep now I’ll get 7 hours before school tomorrow. But I haven’t even finished reading the book I’m currently on and it’s already been a week, neither have I written a blog post, visited my phone, written the next chapter of my story….

What have I even accomplished today?

Mentally, I think: nothing.

Waking up the next morning, and it’s another re-run of the day before and the day before that like a cycle that never ends. But today, I’ll change the accustomed. I’ll stray away from the methodical. Because time isn’t endless so I should probably waste time wisely.




You’ve probably heard the story,

It’s going around, blood on hands,

All disgusting gory,

Maybe he’s psychotically ill,

Have you ever thought about that? Huh?

Maybe he was dressed in all black disguised by a single bat,

Or cornered by them piles of bills,

Lack of sleep cause of dem’ late hours,

Till he can earn enough to hit them hot showers,

He probably had a love life,

Maybe some kids, even a wife,

Feeding them all; tryin’ ta save them from that dark hole,

Buried deep in the pit of every soul.


But did you hear them pleas of guilty? No!

But I don’t understand you’re fucking cops though,

But maybe those cops don’t care,

Or maybe the government doesn’t wanna share,



Cause the government is corrupt,

They’re wealthy as fuck,

Living in palaces,

Situated where Dallas is,

Back to the man; did you even know his name?

Or did he literally just die in vain?

Now did you ever thinking about that, before;

Prosecuted for no god damn reason,

You say he’s suspected of treason,

That gun shot,

Left his corpse to rot,

Maybe he wasn’t to blame,

Have you ever thought that maybe he was framed?


You’ve all seen those teens,

Standing out by a cold fire,

Rap battles among their home built empire,

They built that lair,

Underground dungeons,

Sewers abandoned,

Father’s left his heir,

I don’t have any money,

No wonder I chose to rhyme,

No-one don’t even care about us,

“Them hoodlums and those hoes”,

I guess that really goes to show,

No-one really ever knows.


But did you hear them pleas of guilty? No!

But I don’t understand you’re fucking cops though,

But maybe those cops don’t care,

Or maybe the government doesn’t wanna share,


Just maybe.

Yeah maybe.

Think about maybe.


Somewhat inspired by Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 where those homeless kids were snatched up.

That stupid little saying.

That stupid little saying.

(Whispers) “Sometimes we just have to let things go.”

Now have you ever heard of that saying, saying

It starts of slow nothings really happening,

And then you’re like who the fuck cares,

It doesn’t mean anything,

Then comes the stony silence,

A single drop of water could be heard through it, through it,

Bow your head down,

You’re ashamed now,

It wasn’t your fault you scream no, (nooo)

But the argument it’s like a roller coaster,

Soaring too tough for ya,

Drop the act, loww

Enough of the damn show, show

Like paparazzi screaming,

You’re mind blown,

It’s catching up to ya, you’re moving too frustratingly slow, slow

You’re both back on square route one,

You never knew any math though,

You’re still waiting on the little English quote,

Going back and forth nothing’s helping your cause,

Too rough to be patched up,

Too tough to be snatched up,

It’s already too late for the two of you to make up and go, go

Still stuck on that little verse,

There’s no reverse,

Time’s taken away,

Nothing to get back to the way, it was before,

Left on a tiny dumpster,

Crippled in anger,

But sometimes though,

You just really have to let things go,

Funny how it’s a little saying, saying

Now you’ve reflected back, it’s the price you’re paying, paying,

You’re sorry but no here comes that stupid little saying, again yeah…

“Sometimes you just have to let things go.”