Reeves Painting By Numbers Experience

reeves 3 1

Last year I bought one of these painting by numbers sets just for fun thinking it would be easy and quick to do. Oh, how I was very wrong. I started it this time last year and it became very tedious. Therefore, I must have crammed it in the back of a draw to complete next time.

Recently, I found it after clearing out my desk draws and thought about finishing it. Although the picture looks wonderful, I was having trouble mixing in many of the colours provided in little tubs. Initially, I painted on the colours that didn’t require mixing then I coloured in the more difficult areas. The turnout wasn’t so great.

reeves 2 2

Slowly, I could see that I needed to mix colours more and it was taking up so much time. Also, why couldn’t they give more than one brush? Washing the one brush after each use proved very tedious.

However, my determination to finish triumphed.

reeves 4 final

Once completed, and my fingers were raw red from opening up so many tubes multiple time, I realised that just colouring in the required areas wasn’t working out the best. I had to fix things up a bit by mixing more and outlining trees etc. But I became too lazy to do that and can honestly say I don’t think I’ll be purchasing another one of these for a very, very long time. Perhaps never.

Let me face it: I’m so not good at painting by numbers. Maybe I’ll just stick to painting my own things.


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