Bite the Ballot

Recently, I was invited to a speech delivered by Matthew Barzun, the ambassador of the US embassy in London. To say I was excited was an understatement. Politics and foreign policies were some things which I never really showed much of an interest in during school time. However, outside of school my interests ranged from the weirdest things (not that politics is weird). But I never fully understood politics. Although, that was probably due to the lack of knowledge I had of it and the lack of time to actually sit down and research about it. Of course I knew who the prime minister is but the values and beliefs he had? Not so much.

The speech itself and the issues we talked about during the time we had, intrigued me. And from then, a couple of weeks later, the group of us who were present at the speech were invited to the US embassy in London itself, amongst other guests who were older than us. We were invited to a session for the ‘Bite the Ballot’ scheme enabling and encouraging young voters.

I’ll skip to the main point here: some of the ideas and issues announced at this Q&A session had me thinking and agreeing. The CEO and social activist, Michael Sani mentioned the lack of education in politics in schools, saying that he believed that if young people were educated in this sector, they would perhaps be more involved in the politics of our country.

I completely agree with his view on this matter. If young people, like myself, were educated and informed about political systems, we would understand enough to have a voice in it. Because it is our future and our generation that will be effected by the political decisions made. I would love to have a say or even thought, on who I would like as the next election winner. But I’m too young to vote. But those that can should, because it’s the future of your country, you should have a say in it.

I understand that politics is important but I don’t know much about it. I personally don’t know enough to have a say in it. Without prior knowledge: I stand nowhere, I have no voice in this matter. That, I believe should be changed.


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