Sweet 16

Films display the age of 16 as something great – ‘sweet 16’ as they like to call it. But what’s so sweet about it? Surely, it can’t be the stress from your final exams taking a toll or the drowsiness from sleepless nights.

I’ll admit when I was younger (16 is young but younger than that) I loved the idea of a ‘sweet 16’, imagining it to be something spectacular. But no. It was just a normal day in school. Apart from the constant ‘Happy Birthday’ attacking me. There wasn’t a crazy party where half the school was invited and there wasn’t a road trip either. Well, I can’t even drive until I’m 18 so that’s out of the question.

A long while ago I expected more but yesterday I just didn’t really care. Honestly, who would? Of course I would have loved to go out and have an awesome time, but where? And who with?

Instead, I’m stuck at home wondering what on earth I should do instead of studying for exams. Although, this day meant literally nothing (except now I have to remember I’m ‘16’ not ‘15’ whenever someone asks), I really didn’t want to be studying. Because how sad would that be? But, I have nothing to do. Nothing at all. And I have absolutely no idea what to do about that either.

So much for ‘sweet’ 16.

P.S this isn’t an April Fool’s joke… Happy Birthday to me!


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