Your mistakes

I haven’t written in quite a while but here it is:

Your mistakes

It’s been a while since you’ve criticized me,

The pain in me, I started to believe you could see,

I thought you were changing your ways,

But I guess I was so wrong cause after a while you began to slip-up,

Couldn’t hold on to the act any longer,

You were never stronger,

Your flaws were something you could never conquer,

So you found someone else to pinpoint the blame,

To crush, because you had an upper game,

Instead uncovering all my faults was your main aim,

But all that stuff I still overcame,

You began shouting and swearing again,

I wished I never felt all that pain,

Cause of you,

You were supposed to be my protector,

Instead I feared you like a spectre,

Tried to escape you, and out smarten you,

Like some sort of lies detector,

Even with my tear stained face,

If I had a kid and that was the case,

I wouldn’t want them to have the same fate,

As me, I was too late to be saved,

But if there’s a thing I learnt from you,

It was to stray away from all your stupid mistakes.

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