Film: Taken 3

*I suggest you do not read this if you have not watched the movie.*

Reviews have criticized Taken 3 to be on a whole new level compared to the original Taken. But then again if it was similar you would hear words of complaint, wouldn’t you? When I watched Taken 2; I honestly found myself saying ‘it was pretty similar to the first, practically the same’. However, the first of everything typically deems to be the best with the exception of a few.

Many have argued the lack of someone being ‘taken’ then again who in his family was left to be ‘taken’? My thoughts linger on the fact that his ex-wife’s death could possibly be the permanent ‘taken’ of this movie. Could it not?

The trailer intrigued me to spend two hours of my life dedicated to watching this movie. My opinion: it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. It was okay. Legitimately, I can say I found myself inquisitive for the ending of the long awaited film. Although, at some points I was utterly confused and had to focus intently on the actual revealed storyline of who was to blame. At times I, myself wanted to punch Bryan for his slow – former skilful – tactics but I have to agree his age played a big role towards this.

Overall, the film was worth a watch as long as your critical mind is kept at bay and you’ve been finding yourself deprived of the knowledge of how the last instalment ends.

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