Directed to every kid who knew what it felt like,

Rage triggered another kick, another strike,

You’re messing with wrong little me,

‘Cause you don’t know what the hell I’d grow up to be,

Now listen, to rappers like Eminem, he tried,

He survived; now I wanna be right by his side,

I’d love to forgive and forget but they haven’t yet apologized,

Everyone has their share of mistakes,

Not one, not two, more you’ll probably make,

Just pray it’s not enough to break, to give you the shakes,

Rage still builds up, you’re parents are fighting –

But you’re there, just stuck,

It’s everyone’s dream; on top of the world,

But with a rage that‘s so out of control,

Play the part, a different role,

Trying to keep the rage intact,

But just like that it’s a fragile act,

‘Cause you don’t know me I’m a bloody mess,

But compared to you I’ve never been less,

So this is the last two lines of my so called ‘rhyme’;

Now I’ve broken the chain. It’s cracked.

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