Nightmare of Writing

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done!.”

(Written in exactly under 10 minutes.)

Nightmare of Writing

Pick up the pen,

And I managed to drop the hungry paper.

It feeds on words like no other,

But I’m always the one with a blank canvas for a mind,

Ever felt like that before?

Idea’s spiralling like a whirlpool,

Then never there when actually needed.

Sitting an exam. Dang, I’ve got nothing.

Writing a post. Damn, I’ve got nothing.

Blank paper filled with whiteness,

The colour, pencil or pen, hasn’t even touched it.

Gripping, trying to come up with at least a line,

A start off – then to keep going with the rhyme,

Never happening, I swear down words have got something …

Against me. Losing my mind, I’m hunting for a dime,

Paper crumpled down, either invisible ideas or nothing,

At all – I don’t have anything.

Nothing. I have a damn empty canvas of a mind.

Nightmare like Jack the Ripper,

Painful, hurting.

Life’s mission, now failing. There’s nothing –

Nothing else for me. Screaming,

Can’t do this anymore, cause writing is a nightmare,

Something I can’t do. However, hard pushed or shoved,

Nothing can compete, I’m never complete.

It’s the nightmare of writing. Paper’s still hungry.


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