The Start.

Necklace pounding near my heart,

Where you should have always been,

I wish I could go right back to the start,

But where the hell was that?

It was my birthday, it was a gift;

Tears spilled out from reading them words,

Even though it was only to say happy 18th,

But those words could never fall from my lips.

They’d always be hanging,

Like a curtain’s enclosing my heart,

Words were always stuck, strangling me. Entangling.

I always wished I could go right back to the start.

I’ve always had walls built up,

But for a second there they came smashing down,

This bomb it’s wasn’t full of hurt or pain,

More like happiness; a new start, walk through a new path.

Sentimental – that was never me,

Probably the person you wished for me to be.

My temper it was so out of hand, space is something I always need,

You respected that, gave me exactly that.

What did I do?


Loose cannon,

I had a really weird dream, always known for that.

Everything went back to the start,

That last letter, it disappeared,

The tear was caught and pulled back into my eye,

Cause you didn’t let it drop,

But damn it was never something you could ever stop.

The two of us we were living the dream,

Those who achieved The American Dream –

Even they couldn’t compete.

I pull on the strand tied around my neck,


Even now,

I’d still wish for it to go right back to the start,

‘Hi’ even that to be taken away,

A stupid two letter word, but I see all the difference it made,

Right now, in this very moment; I feel it.

The little stainless steel necklace still lies,

Unremoved, but not untouched,

I’ve contemplated it, pulling it free from surrounding my neck,

Ripping you away forever,


My heart.

I wish I could go right back to the start.

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