‘Young people today have an easy life.’

(Speech against ‘young people today have an easy life’.)

The internet. You may think it’s one of the most privileged forms of technology for us young people but did you know 1 in 3 young people have experienced cyber threats online? The internet may make life easy for young people of this era however, there has been an increase in cyber bullying in the past few years as well as general bullying. These days there are many more ways of harassing us young people and cyberbullying is only one form out of the many hundreds. Now tell me, how many of you have ever received a text or call from an unknown number?

School. The stress and pressure of exams are inevitable to every young person today. Years ago nobody cared; young adults lived a stress-free, happy, fun life. But now you barely see a real smile on the face of any teen. Happiness and joy is scarce. In this modern era we live in, 11 year olds are ordered to study for their GCSE exams and pass with flying colours otherwise they are doomed for life. Teenagers are forced into making life-changing decisions which is absolutely preposterous!

Today’s young people face very high unemployment rates as house prices increase by the minute and university fees increase by thousands each and every year. The world is becoming more expensive; you’re probably thinking how does it affect me? But don’t you know we grow older by the minute, walk out into the streets and you will see kid’s before the age of 16 out hunting for jobs, aimlessly trying. But luck isn’t on their side because in the UK the unemployment rate for even 18-24 years olds is 18.5% so how much lower would it be for a kid of merely 14? We, young people are starved of opportunity.

Have you seen the news lately? Did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death for teens? And they say we have it trouble-free but they should think again because depression – that was never easy. We even have a date – world suicide prevention day. Every year September the tenth then again it never existed before and that shows for young people today life is never easy.

“She can paint a lovely picture but… this story has a twist. Her paintbrush is a razor, and her canvas is her wrist.”


2 thoughts on “‘Young people today have an easy life.’

  1. I totally agree with you. Life is not as easy anymore as it used to be. Just from a mother’s point of view: I would never let my kids out of sight anymore. Or walk to their friends. Too many creeps out there who feed their sick fantasy from the internet. I watch everyone in close proximity who takes pictures, just to make sure they are not taken of my kids and then used to find a creep who wants to put his/her hands on them… I dread the moment, when my kids go online, just because I know that there will be trolls out there, waiting to make them feel bad about themselves. I dread this moment, because I am worried, that although we try to make them understand what sharing too much means, they might share that little bit too much and will pay the price. I am worried, that the pressure out there will be too much for them one day, that their smile will disappear and the idea of good in the world with it.
    But then: I believe that my mother worried as well. Back then she worried about the cold war, about nuclear weapons, about chemicals which were out there and made so many sick. It was a different time, different worries. And I had my worries as well, growing up. But I still believe that the pressure on us was less then it is nowadays on you young folks. Just never give up. There is good out there and you will get there.


    • I understand how you feel, life is hard for everyone. It must have been hard back then as well as now, nobody has life easy no matter their age. It must be quite frightening to be out there in the world with all the crimes and murders but then again we can’t do much about it; we still have to go out into the world. I understand, it’s hard sometimes and especially when some people can be very horrible and inconsiderate of the feeling of others. The internet is a great advantage but there are many disadvantages too.
      I do hope so and I will try my best to never give up 🙂 Thank you for reading my post and commenting.

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