What do you see?

black and white city night wall inkblue_sky

What do you see?

A picture.

Black and white.

A city.


Beneath the water lies treasure unknown to mankind. One sees the rippling effect, heart soaring in admiration of nature’s beauty. A kingdom of mermaids and men; a fantasy conjured by humanity. The sea blue-green ocean stained black on the surface hiding secrets within. Pools of human sustenance yet deeply unregarded.

The sky no longer clear but a greying white. Patches of darkness are seeping through gaping wounds of the withered mortal. Struggling to grasp onto that little bit of sunshine – whether a face or a distant memory afloat. Thunder some fear or lightening as an awakening to reality one does not wish to see. Night is the time, conscious, gazing at the star burning bright white. A flicked of hope, a remainder of star-crossed lovers that came to sight.

City lights. They scream to shine bright in this dull night. A creation of beings together united; should be like this every time then. Lonely suffering, many stare dazed at it.

The world; a black and white place yet adhere to a beautiful melancholy.


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