What makes a hero?

In actual fact this post has been prompted as soon as I saw my brother’s school hosting a hero/heroin dress-up day to raise awareness and money for BBC children in need. And I’m here thinking why in hell don’t they do this in my secondary school (high school for you Americans). It would be a fun day of dressing up as your favourite superhero or someone who is a hero to you but no, my school is drop dead boring. Honestly, the reality that youngers than myself participate more often in charities and awareness raising astounds me.

Aside from that, you have to dress up as your hero which can be either superhero or someone of real life importance. But what exactly makes a hero? Surely it can’t just be a masked citizen hunting for justice.

You’ve got ones like Spiderman, Hulk and others, those who have been genetically modified with superhuman abilities and fight against crimes and evil villains. Plus, it comes with the job of impressing the girl they like.

Google’s definition of a: Superhero


a benevolent fictional character with superhuman powers, such as Superman.

However, superheroes don’t always have to have superhuman powers for example Green Arrow and Iron Man; p.s. their costumes don’t count. And they still fight for justice and against criminals for the wellbeing of their world or city in fact.

Next are the real life heroes. Policemen fight against criminals; they don’t have superhuman qualities or masks; would you say they are heroes? I definitely would. First thoughts may not perceive them as such but dwelling on the thought may change perceptions. Even your grandma or mum or brother could be your hero.

A previous post of mine slightly looked into this matter about celebrities too. They may be considered as a superhero maybe not yours but for someone else. Individuals have different views on their hero and remember I guess it could always be anyone or anything.

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  • Who is your hero you’d dress up as? And Why?
  • What does a hero mean to you?

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