Right through the lie

She’s a friend of yours so you say hi,

She smiles back but you see right through the lie,

Tear tracks faintly staining her cheek,

But she’s never been one to attention seek.

At first you thought she was depressed,

Writhing in pain – she was obsessed,

Anatomy she studied best,

However inside that room was the real test.

You knew her, at first a little shy,

She is always smiling but you see right through the lie,

She only wanted a helping hand,

Yet something’s no one will ever understand.

You’re right it does take a while,

Abandon the habitual style,

Heart heavy with a load,

Withal upon the future; forebode.

Who was she fooling? Time doesn’t die,

A fake smile, no-one but you’ve seen right through the lie,

Like a trapped cage hollow inside,

Although lungs exploding, to eye denied.

Tainted picture: commonly black art,

Right through the lie despite, lie with not a missing heart.


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