Waste time wisely.

The worst thing: it isn’t endless.

Time will never disappear but the time YOU have will slowly dissipate.

Bored out of my mind, for some reason I find myself awake most nights even after 2 or 3am. I’m always wondering why? But then I comprehend that it’s me. My brain is wired weirdly making me feel as though sleeping would ‘waste time’ or I could do a ton of things in the hours I sleep. I guess I should re-think, yes time should be spent wisely but whoever said that sleeping or relaxing isn’t spending time wisely? Getting enough sleep doesn’t mean you’ve wasted hours of the day impractically. It’s just giving your brain a break from the long, stressful hours you’ve put into the day.

Is it just me or do you feel like there aren’t enough hours of the day? My reasoning: I come home from school, its 4pm. I eat something and sit down with my family for a bit, its 5pm. I start doing homework, its 7pm and now I’m rushing to get it done, so it’s almost 8pm. I eat dinner, tidy up and its 8:30pm. I pull open my laptop, watch a 45 minute TV show episode and it’s roughly 9:30pm. I realise my exams are this year so I start studying, I look up and it’s 12pm. F*** when am I going to sleep? If I sleep now I’ll get 7 hours before school tomorrow. But I haven’t even finished reading the book I’m currently on and it’s already been a week, neither have I written a blog post, visited my phone, written the next chapter of my story….

What have I even accomplished today?

Mentally, I think: nothing.

Waking up the next morning, and it’s another re-run of the day before and the day before that like a cycle that never ends. But today, I’ll change the accustomed. I’ll stray away from the methodical. Because time isn’t endless so I should probably waste time wisely.


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