Film: The Maze Runner

Just yesterday, on Friday ‘The Maze Runner’ movie came out in London. My thought: finally. Just thinking about it it’s highly inequitable how the movie came out, in the UK, a WHOLE MONTH after its initial release date in the US. Comprehending the fact that it was shot, filmed, produced blah blah blah in the US I stand ground to the viewpoint an entire month was much of a drawn-out time period between the two releases.

However, aside from the prolonged, interminable wait I believe, to which not many would disagree, the movie indeed was a piece of fascination. And I’m honestly not just saying that because of Dylan O’Brien being the principal performer. He definitely wasn’t the only reason. Take note of Thomas Sangster too. Regardless, The Maze Runner topped it off by an opening of $32.5 million and a current $200 million worldwide surpassing their $34 million production budget. The reason why perceived as the gaze of every audience member was held throughout the movie and while nearing the end of the movie I almost doubled over in laughter when someone in front of me, gave a round of applause.

The movie begins with Thomas trapped in a box with no memories whatsoever, only fragments of dreams about a mysterious organization called W.C.K.D remain but are they just dreams? Brought up to a maze of wonder with nothing other than the remembrance of his name days later, Thomas discovers clues in the hopes of finding an escape. Not just for him but for all the other boys, and one strange girl who seems to know Thomas.

Based on the books by James Dashner, The sequel to The Maze Runner; The Scorch Trial has already been scheduled for release the following year in September. The final book, The Death Cure has been announced it will not be split into two parts unlike other YA adaptations.

17 thoughts on “Film: The Maze Runner

  1. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but the books are fantastic. Probably not as great as the Hunger Games, but definitely one of the better YA dystopian novels out there. Your blog’s been really impressive so far, so I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award. If you’re interested, do check it out on my page:
    Cheers 🙂

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  2. I just came home from the movie theater where I just watched The Maze Runner. I enjoyed the movie very much. It was nonstop action and I was completely engaged in the movie the entire time. I haven’t read the novels but I did love the movies.

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