Marvel Vs DC

Personally I couldn’t decide myself because Spiderman is hot and Batman is kickass! No, I’m joking well they are, but both have incredible qualities. For starters I do believe Marvel is more of the fantasy genre than DC because Hulk has the power to be strong using it against evil whereas the Green Arrow has the intention to be strong and fight for justice.

Other worlds are generally included in Marvel and it’s a whole lot science fiction based with the fictional realm of Asgard and all. It seems to be more about power which is great and makes it less realistic conforming to fantasy. Having said that, I believe DC has more events taking place which link to the crisis of the real world.

More on that subject, DC in some way could give people hope that someone or even some people could help in some ways. Let’s be realistic no-one is going to turn into the green Hulk, or find a hammer only they can lift. Conversely, Batman has no magical powers; he’s just a man – but a wealthy one may I add. The Green Arrow isn’t actually green but can fight and beat you within seconds. It gives people hope that if someone steps up others can take a stand to. If one person tried to help injustices from happening other people can too. On the other hand, both Marvel and DC suggest that evil or ‘bad people’ can be defeated and this isn’t just fantasy – it’s truth too.

But then again people watch fantasy to escape reality and in that sense Marvel would just be perfect for them. DC wouldn’t help you escape it would lead you to the mind-set that there are worse people suffering out there. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but wouldn’t exactly be an escape. Recently I say a post on twitter saying “telling someone they can’t be sad because others have it worse is like saying someone can’t be happy because others have it better.” In all honesty, I understand the point they are trying to make and this links back to an escape from reality.

My perception of most superhero’s wearing a mask would be that they take on an act of bravery and bring about justice, peace etc. not for the attention or fame but instead for the better welfare of humans. The masks helps to show that it could be anyone and anyone can do such things if it truly comes from within.

Then again, quite a few superheroes come from a wealthy background and maybe that’s where they are going wrong. Don’t get me wrong there’s aren’t many wealthy superheroes but Iron Man has the Stark company and Batman lives in a mansion! I understand that they need their wealth for their superhero identity because I doubt Iron Man could have the whole suit commodity going without being wealthy. However, on the plus side their wealth goes to show that it doesn’t matter; even if you’re rich you don’t only have to use your money to do good actions in the world.

All in all, I would say that I love both Marvel and DC and depending on how I feel I’ll watch either because honestly they are both fantastic. Let me know which you prefer or any general ideas in the comments section. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Marvel Vs DC

  1. I think that DC and Marvel both have different types of superheros to offer. Each superhero has their own distinct personalities, powers and foes. It is really hard for me to pick a side. Both DC and Marvel have their own style of story telling which I can appreciate. Great blog post!


  2. I think Batman does have some superpowers although it is through his special batman technology. Like flying. It is true that these comic book heroes are in the business to fight evil. It is nice to think that someone is trying to right? And it is satisfying when they kick the bad guys butt. I prefer good to win out over evil every time.


  3. I am a massive superhero fan, therefore I also like both Marvel and DC. I agree that DC could be more related to real life at times, but for the sci-fi side of things take Superman for instance. An alien who has come to Earth to fight for justice for the people, flying around shooting laser beams from his eyes among other things. And then the real life aspect of Marvel; I’ll use Spiderman for this example – he is a superhero, but only part time. He has to worry about his job as a photojournalist as well and try to juggling his family, friends and saving people. I think that both DC and Marvel offer nearly equal amounts of sci-fi and relatable real life views.
    Great blog post though, really got me thinking! I look forward to future posts.


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