That stupid little saying.

That stupid little saying.

(Whispers) “Sometimes we just have to let things go.”

Now have you ever heard of that saying, saying

It starts of slow nothings really happening,

And then you’re like who the fuck cares,

It doesn’t mean anything,

Then comes the stony silence,

A single drop of water could be heard through it, through it,

Bow your head down,

You’re ashamed now,

It wasn’t your fault you scream no, (nooo)

But the argument it’s like a roller coaster,

Soaring too tough for ya,

Drop the act, loww

Enough of the damn show, show

Like paparazzi screaming,

You’re mind blown,

It’s catching up to ya, you’re moving too frustratingly slow, slow

You’re both back on square route one,

You never knew any math though,

You’re still waiting on the little English quote,

Going back and forth nothing’s helping your cause,

Too rough to be patched up,

Too tough to be snatched up,

It’s already too late for the two of you to make up and go, go

Still stuck on that little verse,

There’s no reverse,

Time’s taken away,

Nothing to get back to the way, it was before,

Left on a tiny dumpster,

Crippled in anger,

But sometimes though,

You just really have to let things go,

Funny how it’s a little saying, saying

Now you’ve reflected back, it’s the price you’re paying, paying,

You’re sorry but no here comes that stupid little saying, again yeah…

“Sometimes you just have to let things go.”


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