My Mistake.

My Mistake.

A whirlwind of thoughts;

Those questions left unanswered,

It’s deep inside my soul,

Buried in that small hole.

Silence is deafening,

But it’s definitely not anything,

Compared to the reality of this situation,

Possibility beyond recognition.

It’s an endless torment,

One family’s support would benefit,

But there’s no one to stop me from bleeding out,

Then I hear the screams and shouts.

I can’t do anything more, only pray;

That someday this goes away,

It was that one night stand,

It brought me this fate.

I am the unfortunate mistake,

They don’t care; I am the charity case,

Again I hear the same claim,

Yeah I get it, it’s me to blame.

I get caught up I start to strain,

Then I feel trapped by a single chain,

It’s a hard life,

For one they can’t compensate.

The rift caused,

Another second paused,

They don’t see my scars,

Not even the billion little stars.

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