Celebrity Relations

Have you ever come across that girl in HMV or Target that screamed when she saw ‘their album’? Have you ever noticed that boy look up when he heard the name ‘Eminem’ or ‘Coldplay’? Have you ever witnessed that parent that bought their kid concert tickets for their birthday?

That teenager that cried when she met Justin Bieber.

Did you frown upon her? Think her to be crazy? Foolish? Or even Stupid?

Did you ever stop to think that you could be misjudging them?

Did you ever wonder why? Or just assume things?

When they meet the celebrity they like they seem happy but have you ever read between the lines? Beneath the smiles, the singing, the hugs and the long sleeves.

You have probably heard the girls singing or blasting their artist’s album but did you ever stop to listen to the lyrics?

“Fangirls aren’t fangirls because they’re happy people. They are fangirls because their fandom is the last source of happiness they have left.”


Noun   informal

A female fan, especially one who is obsessive about comics, film, music, or science fiction.


Is a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.

Listen to:

One Direction – Diana

A song written and made for their fans inspired by Princess Diana because of all the struggles she had been through.

“I speak a different language but I still hear your call.” – A simple line that lets the fans know that the boys are here for them.

Justin Bieber – Be Alright

A song written and made for his fans to show them that “You know that I care for you, I’ll always be there for you.”

“Bumps on the road and upside down now, I know it’s hard, babe, to sleep at night, don’t you worry…” He recently left his teenage years so he knows how hard it can be to live in this generation.


Coldplay – Fix You

It may not be directly written for their fans but so many of them can relate.

“And the tears come streaming down your face.”

5 Seconds of Summer – Amnesia

Everyone has been through those tough times and many teenagers like to relate to an artist they like which shows that they are all human and have been through many of the same things.

Many have felt it: “I wish that I could wake up with amnesia.”

Linkin Park – Numb

It’s not only teenagers but many adults too who feel the pain.

“I’ve become so numb.”

I understand that many celebrities haven’t been the best role models all the time but they have saved more lives than anyone probably could have. I’m not saying they are perfect. Nobody is. But don’t judge the fans from what meets the eye because there is always a story behind every face.

So think twice before you judge a book by its cover.

justin i care


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Relations

  1. Some good stuff. I always said that I didn’t like rap. But then I find myself singing along, or jammin’ to the lyrics, because they’ve gotten to me, and suddenly I realize it is rap, and I do like it! Great comments for teachers, parents, and anyone else struggling to understand teens. Keep up the good work!


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