Short trip to Bristol

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but I’ve just gotten back from a 4 day trip to Bristol which if you didn’t know is in South West England. I had to go to Bath for a family wedding and me and my family stayed in an apartment in Bristol which was pretty nice.

On the last day we hopped onto a ferry but guess what? It actually started pouring and my dad got mad at me (because just before the boat ride he said “what if it rains?” and I said “it doesn’t matter”) LOL and I was just laughing. So because of me apparently we were all drenched in rain water but luckily the rain stopped after a while so we grabbed some lunch and stayed outside.

After lunch, we were all still soaking but we then decided to jump onto a tour bus.  We stayed on the top deck so about 40 minutes later we were all dried off and we got off at the suspension bridge so we could walk down it.

Scenery from the bridge:

Trip to Bristol 1

The bridge was actually just amazing and here’s a picture I took…

Trip to Bristol 2

There were a lot of beautiful structures in Bristol and I saw a really nice house made of stone that I really liked which the tour guide got onto talking about. At his statement my jaw dropped in complete and utter shock; the house was worth £3-4 million pounds. WhAT tHe aCtuAl hElL?

Oh and lastly we had frozen yogurt which my mum treated us too. I got chocolate with white hundreds and thousands! Yum…

Trip to Bristol 3

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